Carol and Jay Anthony have served as active volunteers and significant contributors to their community facilitating the creation of organizations, fundraising initiatives and awareness events.

Blue Renaissance – Partner with Mental Health Association of Orange County

Then Blue Renaissance is the group for you! Blue Renaissance is a social skill building group for young adults on the Autism spectrum which meets twice monthly at various locations chosen by the members of the group. The group is typically held on Monday evenings from between the hours of 6pm – 9pm. MHA Staff are present during the outings but only to facilitate socialization. Participants must be independent and not require supervision. Costs for all activities are covered and there is no registration fee.

Town of Wallkill Challenger Soccer League

Carol and Jay started the Town of Wallkill Challenger Soccer League, which gave their son and hundreds of other children with special needs the opportunity to learn skills and play soccer to their best ability. The league brought children together from all over Orange County and also united families, giving them the chance to network and make valuable connections to assist their children in arenas outside sports.

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Autism Move-a-thon of Orange County

In 2004, Carol and another mother brought together a committee of parents to create a walk for Autism that would take place in Orange County and benefit families living with Autism in Orange County. Under the direction of the two mothers, co-chairpersons of the committee, Mental Health Association (MHA) was asked to partner with them on the walk. This partnership has become the Autism Move-a-thon of Orange County, which has raised more than $300,000; the majority of which has been donated to MHA to be given in annual stipends to individuals with Autism spectrum disorders here in the county through the Access to Money Reimbursement Program. There now are many annual fund-raising and community give back events that take place to further the mission of the Move-a-thon. The Move-a-thon has also co-sponsored with MHA many conferences and educational seminars relating to Autism to provide needed training to family members, educators, therapists and the general public bringing awareness, acceptance and understanding to the community.

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